Sydenham Founders celebrate their new home on the Tall Ships

Posted by Justin Skultety on Sun,Aug 18, 2013

The Founders had a party last night!


On Saturday August 17th The Sydenham had an official  Grand Opening for it's 32 luxury riverfront residences.

This was a launch party on the biggest of the Tall Ships for our new Sydenham owners and their friends and family to meet each other and celebrate our Grand Opening.  The Grand Opening was held on the Pride of Baltimore II between 7 and 9pm on Saturday August 17th. Everyone involved enjoyed a delightful night of jazz and great food aboard the majestic vessel. we were very honoured to have the Mayor and her partner and Michael and Elizabeth Warren our Sydenham Ambassadors in attendance. 

 This was the scene that unfolded. 


Founders Reception, The Sydenham

 At 7pm many gathered to board the ship.  These VIP's excitedly boarded and met with the crew.


reception 2

The ship served as a great place to celebrate the huge success of the project!

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It was the perfect chance for some wine.

 IMG 2986 resized 600 

 The future residents had a chance to make new friends at this lovely reception.

sydenham reception 3

There was a fair amount of conversations surrounding in regards to the architecture.

sydenham reception

Many of the future residents dressed accordingly.

IMG 3007 resized 600

mahy of the future residents had already picked out their decor for their future suites.

IMG 2943 resized 600

The deck of the ship was an interesting place to hold the reception as there was even a lifeboat.

IMG 3055 resized 600

 From the dock it was obvious that there was a great party onboard!

IMG 3013 resized 600

 This couple had a great time at the event and posed for a great picture!

IMG 3006 resized 600

These children made great use of the wooden deck and they played along to the jazz music.

IMG 2942 resized 600

Congratulations and celebrations are in order.  The project is a huge success!

 IMG 3066 resized 600

 As the sun set, the harbour looked fantastic.

IMG 3077 resized 600

When the  reception ended, drinks had been drank, fine food had been eaten, great melodies had been enjoyed, and more importantly, great friends had been made.


Thank you all for your continued support in this great project.



The Sydenham

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