Top Ten Cultural Reasons to live at the Sydenham

Posted by Justin Skultety on Wed,Jul 31, 2013

Top Ten cultural reasons you may enjoy living in downtown Owen Sound

Luckily, the Sydenham is right at the heart of the action in historic Owen Sound and if you decide to live downtown, you will be as well! 

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1) Coffee.    

Everyone loves coffee right?  The Owen Sound downtown core offers many cafes and coffee shops for the roasted bean lover.  Overall, there may be around 5-8 places to get coffee to start your day off right or to give yourself a break.  Now, let's be honest, there are some among us that drink tea and smoothies instead of our highly regarded columbian nectar.  Luckily for them, there are many other drinks to be found in the downtown and the truth is that it is not so much about the drink itself as it is about the meetings we have with friends.

2) Walking. 

It goes without saying, but if you live in the downtown core, then you will be walking around to just about everything interesting within a few kilometer distance.  You can walk along the harbor and stroll to Kelso beach for an afternoon nap.  You could skip along your merry way to Harrison Park and enjoy lunch at the Harrison Park Inn.  You might even want to walk to most of the free music and art happenings that are only blocks away.  If you live downtown, you may just have a healthier life, and if you are so could even run. 

3) Art.    

 The Tom Thomson art gallery, The Deboer Gallery, The Artists Co-op and just about every cafe has some interesting art or some artists that are discussing their future creations.  From oil painting to watercolors, bronze to clay, metal work to mixed media; the list of types of art in Owen Sound is endless.  Your eyes will be delighted and your senses will be excited if you take an interest in the art scene locally.

4) Plays and presentations at Roxy Theatre. 

The Roxy puts on sensational shows in their historic building.  When the lights dim and the players take the stage you are in for a real treat.  Locals work extremely hard to put on shows that pull on the heart strings and allow for viewers to picture themselves in the time periods or situations they are trying to portray.  The musicals and the bands that play there are fantastic and you can even become a Roxy theatre season pass holder, volunteer, or actor. 

5) Free music. 

Wow, it had to be said that Owen Sound has so much free music. You can catch live shows at most of the fairs, celebrations and such.  A few stand out in the crowd though as really great places to catch free live music; coffee shops, the city celebrations, live jam nights at the local pubs, harbor nights live music at the harbor in Owen Sound and the performances of the buskers at the Busker festival.

6) Organic subculture. 

Poets and spoken word artists gather at "Sounds," and treat the ears of avid listeners to delicate prose and triumphant stories. These titillating stories provoke the mind and the soul to question life and in some instances they have grown into activism and larger movements.

7) The Symphony.

The balance of wood winds and percussion mix in with strings to fill the air with enchanting and deeply moving music.  The Owen Sound symphany has a large following locally due to the impressive depth of their music. 

8) Local Choirs.

From a small group of locals that get together and sing to larger church choirs, the hymnes and ballads that can be heard in Owen Sound are outstanding.  It is not uncommon for locals to church hop on special occassions in order to hear the beatiful songs that their neighbours have been practicing together.

9) Great Food. 

Local cuisine, interesting restaurants and fresh food at the farmer's market are a staple of this community.  Owen Sound has a decent mix of corporate restaurants and smaller bistros and pubs.  There is a diverse set of ethnic restaurants for those whom want to take in japanese, chinese or indian culture, but it is the classic breakfast spots that seem to win over many tourists.  With large helpings and a courteousnous that is unparalled, locals serve up some of the best breakfasts with a side local cheer.

10) Community Groups.

There is something for everyone! From painting classes to gun clubs and hiking groups to writings clubs.  If you have an interest in something, then chances are good that there may be a place to learn it locally.


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